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Bernd Walter Scheithauer was born August 30, 1946 in Gelenau, Germany.  He grew up in Eureka, California and graduated from Humboldt State College in Arcata, also in California. Following his graduation from Loma Linda University School of Medicine, he completed his Residency and Fellowship in Surgical Pathology and Neuropathology at Stanford University Medical Centre.  He was appointed to the staff of the Anatomic Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and Pathology Departments of the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, in 1979, and continued to work there throughout his illustrious career until his untimely passing on 19th September 2011.

One of the pre-eminent surgical pathologists of his generation, it is difficult to briefly summarise Bernd's professional and academic achievements, suffice to say, that he always will be regarded as one of the ‘giants’ of surgical neuropathology. Bernd was a ‘pathologist’s pathologist’; - as both diagnostician and teacher, he had few peers. His skill in morphological evaluation and interpretation was extraordinary, and was matched by a unique ability and dedication to the passing of his skills and experience to others. Clinical relevance was his mantra, always stressing the importance of accurate pathological diagnosis and the critical role it plays in the care and management of individuals afflicted with neurological disease.

On a personal note, I remember my first meeting with Bernd vividly, and reflecting now, it seems to capture and illustrate so many of the qualities which made him such a great friend and mentor. It was after an USCAP short course he had conducted in the early 90's. The course was the usual Scheithauer tour de force; - delivered with his unmistakable brilliance, energy and gusto. Long after the course had finished, and surrounded by a throng of people, he took the time to meet a young Australian (who was slightly nervous and in awe of the great man) with the warmest of smiles and kindest of words. I realised I had had the privilege of meeting not only an extraordinary  pathologist, but a kind and warm man.

 A polymath, both professionally and outside work, Bernd had a particular passion for travel, which dovetailed neatly with his devotion to lecturing and teaching. A regular visitor to our shores, Bernd was much loved ‘down under’. He loved Australia, and had many great friends throughout the pathology communities of Australasia. Bernd is survived by his son, Hans, his daughter, Monika, his grandson, Aiden, and his mother, Renate.  I doubt Bernd could ever begin to fully appreciate the extent and depth of influence he had on so many of his colleagues around the world, and, so, in turn, on improving the quality of care their patients received. Through the sadness of Bernd’s passing, I try to seek solace in the sure knowledge that his legacy will endure. He will be sorely missed.

Dr Peter Robbins  Anatomical pathologist/surgical neuropathologist Perth Western Australia




Professor Scheithauer was a legendary neuropathologist at the Mayo Clinic and on the world stage, who held a very special place in the heart of the Australian neuropathology community.  With his passing, surgical neuropathology has lost one of its leading lights - an academic giant and a visionary mentor.  He was a phenomenal teacher who inspired all those he met with his exceptional diagnostic skills, impressive clinical acumen, unparalleled work ethic and tireless enthusiasm.  We were so privileged to have recently hosted him in our homeland in 2010 when he enthralled us with a brilliant series of lectures and slide seminars.  His legacy and wisdom will live on in all those he has taught all over the globe as well as his incredible body of research publications including over 750 journal articles, 80 book chapters and 8 books.  Above all, he will be greatly missed as a warm, loyal and generous friend with a delicious sense of humour and a love of all things Australian.  He will be remembered with much affection and respect.  Rest in peace, our beloved friend and teacher! 

Dr Queenie Lau, Anatomical Pathologist/Neuropathologist, Queensland, Australia.





Professor Bernd Scheithauer, Professor of Pathology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, USA.

Bernd has been one of the most eminent figures of contemporary neuropathology.  Our beloved discipline loses a true master of tumour neuropathology who educated and trained scores of our colleagues and was an extremely helpful source of support in all tricky diagnostic problems.  Bernd, we will miss you, not only as masterly scholar, exceptional scientist and superb diagnostician, but also as quiet and most helpful friend.

Herbert Budka, President, International Society of Neuropathology (ISN), Professor of Neuropathology and Institute Director Institute of Neurology (Obersteiner Institute), Medical University Vienna, Wien, Austria.